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Sticky Fingers (Roxy Abruzzo Mysteries) by Martin, Nancy



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. From a private Library.

Roxy Abruzzo barely escaped big trouble in her first adventure, Nancy Martin’s totally charming series debut, Foxy Roxy. Now Roxy is determined to stay on the straight and narrow. . .except that with Sage, her daughter, about to start college, and the architectural salvage business she owns slowing down in the recession, her cashflow is not so great. So she’s been doing a few jobs here and there for her uncle Carmine, one of the last oldtime mob bosses in Pittsburgh, who makes requests from behind bars through his naive lawyer Marvin Weiss.

Scaring a gambler behind in his debts, getting back Carmine’s money, taking a small percentage for her trouble—Roxy has no problem with these kinds of jobs. She can almost convince herself that they’re not illegal. But when Marvin asks her to kidnap someone and hold her for ransom, she says no fast—it’s a felony (or a set-up), and someone might get hurt. But she can’t help doing a little snooping around the intended victim, just in case someone else takes the job. And then of course she finds herself suspect number one when the woman gets killed.

Peppered as usual with Martin’s oddball cast of characters and witty one-liners, the second Roxy Abruzzo mystery is even more funny, more frantic, and flat out more fabulous than the first.