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About Us

While I have always enjoyed reading, books took on a new passion for me while my husband and I were dating long distance and books became our way to connect by reading and blogging about them together. In the early days of our relationship we had the “New vs Used” debate when it came to purchasing books. My husband was quite firmly in the new camp, having a large collection of pristine books he had collected over the years, however he was very quickly converted to used when we went on a date to Powell's Books, located in Portland, Oregon (my hometown). (If you haven’t heard of Powell’s it is a magical and famous bookstore, selling both new and used books.) With a list in hand for which books we wanted to buy it quickly became apparent that the new books paled in comparison (and were significantly more expensive), then the uniqueness of their used counterparts. What do I mean by unique? Well, no book is the same, even if it is the same edition and has the same cover, each one has been taken care of in a different way and has its own story. We’ve found gift inscriptions, plane tickets, original purchase receipts, book marks and also underlining of favorite passages, among many other things. We quickly realized that a used book can “live” many lifetimes. A signature on the inside cover, or even better an inscription, can live on far longer than the lifetime of the both the inscriber and the initial reader. These are little pieces of that person, captured in a moment in time and their history is being shared. #BooksHaveStories

Now that I live in Southwest Michigan, and without the luxury of Powell's, I began to realize how many people have boxes of books that they just don’t know what to do with. My mission is simple, I want to get books out of boxes, I want to get them into the hands of future readers, or donate them to organizations within our local community that can use them. Books are becoming “cool” again, and many people realize they do not want to rely on an E-reader, spending even more hours of their day tied to an electronic device. I also want to encourage more people to “go green” and buy used whenever possible. While all books may not be in perfect condition, reusing these books and passing from reader to reader can cut down on the waste in our society. 

Our catalogue is growing everyday and we hope our love of used books and making them available to as many people as possible grows on you too. We have a lot of plans and ideas on how to expand our business, so please join our mailing list and stay in touch. Please contact us if you have any questions, special requests, would like to make a donation, or know of any organizations in need of books. We are committed to giving back 10% in stock or profits to our local community.