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St. Francis Of Dogtown by Wm Stage



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.


A woman is brutally murdered in a quiet rural subdivision. The killer is just leaving as Francis X. Lenihan, a dogged process server, pulls up. Francis has come to serve papers, but there’s no one home—just as the “caretaker” had told him. Francis leaves his card in the door, and two days later, in St. Louis, homicide detectives from two jurisdictions are at his door. Francis helps the police all he can, but they need more. If only he could sort through his beer-soaked memory and recall the vanity plate on the killer’s muscle car. Meanwhile he has reluctantly taken the assignment placed on him by Rose, the formidable young woman who has tracked him down to his favorite bar: Find mom’s killer and bring him to justice.

Cops and criminals, break-ins and brawls, a killer at large. The idiosyncratic Francis wades through a slew of dicey situations, peril at every turn, his process server wiles put to the test. He has no qualms about grabbing the bull by the proverbial horns. The question is: How badly will he be gored? Maybe he should just stay put in the cozy confines of the local bar where the regulars ply him with drinks for the favor of singing their beloved Irish ballads.