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Souls Under Siege: The Effects of Multiple Troop Deployments and How to Weather the Storm by Bridget C. Cantrell


Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Besieged! Everyone is looking for a quick fix for the current war to win it, fight it, or end it! In the meantime, the resiliency of the dedicated men and women serving our country has been stretched thin by another concern the siege of their souls as they go through the revolving door of seemingly endless combat tours. The most voracious enemy for today s troops and their families is time, attrition, and unpreparedness. These elements continue to eat away at every level of their lives. It is all in the makeup of living under siege, and those under siege need to find ways to hold their ground as long as the war lasts. They need to prepare well in advance for the inevitability of multiple deployments. It has been confirmed that warriors on their third and fourth tours of duty have much greater rates of mental health challenges than those on their first or second deployments. Time, and the wear and tear, has become a daunting enemy. For the families the weight of these deployments is magnified when they are ill-prepared for the tremendous emotional change and upheaval that may develop from these circumstances. Dr. Bridget C. Cantrell, Ph.D. is the author of Down Range to Iraq and Back and Once a Warrior: Wired For Life and she now brings you Souls under Siege: The Effects of Multiple Troop Deployments and How to Weather the Storm . It is a book that will help us all find ways to support and tend to those living with the pressures of multiple deployments. Its thrust is to not only expand awareness of the issues involved, but to also outline sensible tools for finding relief in these trying times. Souls under Siege is not a book to sit idle on your shelf. It will become a useful guide to be used over and over again.