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Window on the World: When We Pray God Works by Daphne Spraggett



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition.

Well loved by young and old - a book that will inform and inspire the whole family, this beautifully presented, yet practical book, is the ideal accompaniment to Operation World. Stunning photographic visuals complement this A to Z of countries and people groups providing an exciting learning experience and guide for prayer. Short stories about featured countries or people groups help relate foreign lands and people to children in the West. Each page includes a small map putting the country into perspective with neighboring countries, a fact box with essential country, and people information and prayer points that children can ask God for as well as thank God for.This invaluable resource develops cultural, political, and geographical awareness through a Christian lens. Families, churches, and schools will all benefit from this book and in turn be able to pray more effectively for their world.Winner of the 2002 Gold Medallion for Elementary Age Children.