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Viva La Raza!: The Struggle of the Mexican-American People by Elizabeth Sutherland Martinez



Vintage (1974) hardcover with DJ in Very Good (VG) condition. DJ has price tag remnants on the spine. 

Extremely rare and hard to find hardcover edition!

"Viva La Raza! (the revolutionary cry of the Chicano) is a dramatic story of the plight of La Raza. It is a history of Los Chicanos told by two of their leading spokeswomen, and it portrays a thorny path of history that is uniquely theirs. Whatever they call themselves or whatever white America has called them, Mexican-American, Spanish-American, Spanish surname, Latinos, Hispanic, or La Raza, the Chicano is a growing nation of people with a new vision, a vision of a new land, a new nation and a new man, yet to come."