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Very Best Baby Name Book Bruce Lansky



Softcover in Good Condition

Very Best Baby Name Book, the #1 best-selling baby name book in the world, is now bigger and better. The most important changes are: even more names (55,000 names vs. 50,000 names previously), more lists to help readers choose (235 lists vs. 150 lists previously), and a special introduction by Bruce Lansky on how to pick a name you and your baby will like. You will find the added information not only fun to read but illuminating and extremely helpful for parents who want to pick names with strong positive associations and avoid names with strong negative associations.

In the previous edition, Lansky had added lists of names with strong positive associations (e.g., intelligence, attractiveness, athletic prowess, good sense of humor) and strong negative associations (e.g., stupidity, incompetence, nerdiness, wimpiness). And, he'd included lists of names associated with famous people in the arts, professions, professional athletics, politics, etc.

Here are some of the new lists Lansky's added to enhance the appeal of fun and utility of the book:

A. Famous Names

-famous Shakespearean characters (e.g., Ophelia, Hamlet, Romeo, Juliet, Antony)

-famous strippers and porn stars

-famous Olympic athletes (e.g., Mary Lou, Tanya, Peggy, Dorothy)

-famous chefs (e.g., Julia)

-famous soccer stars (e.g., Pele, Ronaldo, )

-famous hockey stars (e.g., Sergei, Gordie, Wayne)

-famous art (e.g., Mona Lisa)

-famous first family names (e.g., Chelsea, Jenna, Barbara, Caroline)

-famous royal names (e.g., Di, Charles, Harry, Andrew)

-famous cartoon characters (e.g., Bart, Wilma, Barney)

-famous song characters (e.g., Billie-Jean, Layla, Roxanne)

-famous criminals (e.g., Ted, Jeffrey, Charles)

B. Concept Names

-initial-only names (e.g., J.P., B.J., etc.)

-palindrome names (e.g., Hannah, Bob, Otto)

-car names (e.g., Ford, Sienna, Mercedes, Camry)

-trade names (e.g., Tailor, Hunter, Mason)

-food and beverage names (e.g., Brie, Pepper, Sage)

-animal names (e.g., Wolf, Kitty, Birdie)

-double names (e.g., John Paul, Billie Jean, Ann Marie)

-letter names (e.g., Jay, Dee, Alpha, Kay)

In addition, the book includes variety of helpful, informative and fun features, including:

- advice on how to pick a name -baby name legal guide

- the 100 most popular girls names in 2004 -fascinating facts about names

- the 100 most popular boys' names in 2004 -stereotypes of name

- celebrity name changes -popular names in foreign countries

- celebrities' babies names

In short, Lansky has come up with the most useful -- as well as fun -- collection of lists available.

It's no wonder The Very Best Baby Name Book is also North America's best-selling baby name book and likely to stay that way for a long, long time.