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Under Oath by Margaret McLean (2004)



Hardcover with DJ in Very Good (VG) condition.

The "code of silence" remains sacred in Charlestown, one of the most insular and historic neighborhoods of Boston, Massachusetts. This engrossing legal thriller features a murder and conspiracy trial against Charlestown's most notorious crime family. Brothers Billy and Frank Malone stand accused of killing Trevor Shea, a suspected FBI informant, with a potent dose of Power 95 heroin. Boston Homicide Detective Michael Callahan and Michaela Shea, the victim's sister, battle Charlestown's infamous "code of silence" and the inherent flaws within the justice system to keep the case against the ruthless Malone brothers alive.

The trial explodes into a high-energy race to justice with chief witnesses being killed, jurors defying their instructions, and FBI cover ups blocking the way. Billy Malone, the cold-blooded crime boss, pulls all the stops to manipulate the justice system and intimidate witnesses. Prosecutor Anson Mitchell presents crucial evidence against the Malones while seasoned criminal defense attorney, Buddy Clancy, unleashes reasonable doubt with penetrating cross-examinations. The jurors oscillate between guilt and innocence as the courtroom drama unfolds.

The plot twists into an unpredictable climax. While the jurors are deliberating, the prosecution discovers new and potentially incriminating evidence against the Malones. Time is of the essence as they race to the courthouse in a last ditch attempt to reopen the case and present the new evidence before it's too late. Their efforts appear in vain as the jurors are filing into the courtroom to announce their verdict. Will justice prevail?