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Uncle John's Electrifying Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!


Paperback in Good (G) condition. Shows reading wear.

Kids will love Uncle John’s Electrifying Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! with its over 288 pages of wacky and fun content. Now, as a follow-up to our first book for kids, we present volume two for our youngest fans. Illustrated and easy to read, the book includes fascinating facts, toys and games, celebrity quotes, forgotten history, silly science, myths and legends, humor, sports, and more.
Organized by topics as well as by length (short 1 page; medium 2 pages; and long 3-5 pages), the book also includes astounding fast factoids on the bottom of every page. Open it to any page and read about:
Gross stuff
Goofy grownups
World class losers
Monsters and dragons—the real story
Tongue twisters, brain teasers, and quizzes
The history of video games
Dumb moments in TV history
Amazing animals