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Unboxed: Uncovering New Paradigms for Tomorrow's Church by Martijn van Tilborgh



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. 

Why live like an artificial when you were designed to be an original?

That's the theme international ministry leader and innovative entrepreneur Martijn van Tilborgh unpacks as he delivers this no-compromise challenge for us to become "unboxed." His premise? God is waiting to empower you to shed the shackles of longstanding personal limitations so you can become an authentic change-agent for Him in this world.

The problem is, most of us are artificial by choice. We approach life as if we're trying to become the best mediocre version of ourselves that we can be! We "package" ourselves neatly into boxes that define who we think we are.

Unboxed arrests our attention by posing the bigger question: What if ... ? What if you could be liberated to live life without such self-imposed boundaries? What if you could be unboxed--free, unafraid, empowered by God's Spirit, and set firmly upon an upward trajectory in life?

Unboxed shows you how you can be. This prophetic call for personal change bids you first to accept the biblical truth about who God says you are, then to think bigger, take action, destroy your box, and create life changes that empower you to live every day unboxed. You don't have to settle for being an artificial when you're been created authentic by design! Answer the call, accept the invitation, embrace the challenge, and live Unboxed!