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Ty and Hunter Cross My Heart Carly Phillips



Softcover in Good Condition

She’s gone from riches to rags—and back again!

Ten years ago Lilly Dumont was the ultimate poor little rich girl, complete with a huge inheritance…and an uncle determined to take it from her. With the help of her first love, she faked her own death and ran away to New York City, leaving behind everything, including her own name. Lilly Dumont was gone, but Lacey Kincaid was going to make it. Only, neither one ever forgot Ty Benson.

Now Lacey’s back to claim her inheritance. And her sizzling reunion with Ty has made her homecoming something to remember! Though not everybody’s thrilled to see Lacey alive and well…And it’s up to Ty to make sure his childhood sweetheart doesn’t disappear again—this time for good!