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Treat Mixes for Kids Jackie Gannaway



Softcover in Good Condition

Inside Water Bottles. Perfect project for school, scouts, church or 4-H. New and different. Simple. Delicious. A unique gift mix project to CREATE- DECORATE- give to a friend and EAT! Back Yard Campout Snack For 4 kids. Candy Corn Pretzel snacks. Cookies and Punch With Gummy Worms. Make Your Own Sandwich Cookies Kit. Decorated Pretzel Stick Snacks Kit. Ice Cream Frosty Mix. Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies Mix. Yummy Dog Bones Kit. Chocolate Banana Snack For 6 to 8 Kids, Soup For Lunch Kit, Gingerbread Pecan Pancake Breakfast Kit. Sleep-Over Snack For 2 Kids. More!