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To the Ends of the Earth: The Selected Travels Paul Theroux

Condition Details: Mass Market Paperback in Good Condition



“There are those who think that Paul Theroux is the finest travel writer working in English. This collection can only enhance that reputation.”— The New York Times Book Review

Author and travel writer Paul Theroux does what no one else he travels to the isolated, unusual, and fascinating spots of the world, and creates an elegy to them that makes readers feel they are traveling with him. Evocative, breathtaking, intriguing, here is the armchair traveler's guide to the sites of the world he makes us feel we know.

Praise for To the Ends of the Earth

“Reads like a wonderful novel.” — The Pittsburgh Press

“Powerful . . . This compendium unequivocally offers insight into the mind of a foremost American fiction writer who became an accidental tourist.” — The Christian Science Monitor

“Theroux is a wonderful traveling companion. . . . To the Ends of the Earth  combines the best of his travel writing. . . . With him the reader shares a conversation with a sultan on a polo ground in Malaysia; hears people ‘mourn with firecrackers, scattering cherrybombs on the tombstone’ in a Chinese cemetery in Singapore; feels overdressed around nudists in Corsica; sees sandbagged houses and bombcraters left in Vietnam on a cold December day in 1973.” — The Virginian-Pilot and The Ledger-Star

“Travel writing at its best . . . As you travel voyeuristically with Theroux, across the vast wastelands of interior China, the convoluted cultures of Latin America or campy seacoast towns of England, you're struck with his slightly jaundiced eye for the overlooked but telling detail, his skeptic's ear for the offhand but important comment.” — The Houston Post