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Thoughts Unspoken: Messages from Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones Inspired by Lynn Cox, Completed by Family and Friends

Condition Details: Softcover in Good Condition



Communication is very difficult when you or someone you care about is given a diagnoses of cancer. We feel helpless, both as the patient and the person watching from the sidelines. We often feel alone and afraid, because we don t express our feelings or thoughts. This leads to misunderstandings and hurt feelings at a time when we need each other the most. Lynn, a cancer patient herself, realized that we feel less alone and help each other through this difficult time if we gain an understanding and appreciation for each person s position. Her writings helped us, her family, understand her thoughts and struggles and opened the lines of communication. This led to mutual understanding and helped us to be better support for her. During her last days, Lynn worked on putting together a collection of writings from cancer patients, caregivers, family, friends and anyone who wanted to share their thoughts and feelings. It was her hope that this book would promote understanding during a most difficult time. Lynn was unable to see the book finished. We, her family, have great respect for Lynn and her idea. We agreed with the need for such a book, so with the help of the lovely ladies from One to One Ovarian Cancer Support group, we brought Lynn s book to a reality. We hope you find something or someone to relate to in these writings to help you gain insight, open communications and feel less alone. All profits from sales of this book go to groups that help support cancer survivors.