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Thought, Choice, Action: Decision-Making that Releases the Holy Spirit's Power Ron Sandison



Softcover in Good Condition

Thought, Choice, Action is a rich blend of theology, philosophy and psychology for the postmodern generation. In this fast-paced book, Ron Sandison, an autistic prodigy and theologian, examines our presuppositions and their impact on our perspective and interpretation of life. In parallel, he provides practical insight for spiritual growth and utilizing our power in Christ to transform our world for His glory. Sandison states, “We may not know the causation for our circumstances and situations but with the tripolarity theory we can determine our proper response and attitude to overcome in life.”

Each chapter will give readers a firmer grasp and deeper understanding of God, human free will, and the devil. Like Saint Augustine and other saints before us, readers will see the world afresh with eyes of faith and a heart prepared for the hidden battle.