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They've Shot the President's Daughter! by Edward Stewart (1974)


Mass Market Paperback in Very Good (VG) unread condition. Small rip on front cover, no other flaws. Photos are of actual book. 

It is post-Nixon America. The country is blighted with race riots, student protests, and the effects of a dirty war with Costa Rica.

Ruthlessly ambitious President Luckinbill is certainly no stranger to controversial Constitutional amendments, but when an assassination attempt goes wrong several lives hang in the balance and a scandalous abuse of power is unveiled.

The President with his wife and daughter fly to his home town to lay a wreath on his parents’ grave. But a sniper’s bullet shatters that quiet ceremony.

Nahum Bismarck, the President’s right-hand man, the Federal Security Agency, Vice President Tyson, his scheming wife Maggie and official Woodrow Judd are initially all certain the shooter is a lone psychopath and that the attack was a political assassination attempt. But the First Lady has other ideas and wonders whether the enemy is closer to home...

Was this just a botched attempt on the President’s life … or was it part of a more sinister conspiracy?

This is a tightly constructed and unputdownable thriller in the classic tradition, a hypnotically told story of human beings meshed in the machinery of mega-politics with a devilish twist.