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The Wreath Book Rob Pulleyn

Condition Details: Hardcover in DJ in Good Condition



Take a look around your house and yard, and you're guaranteed to find plenty of odds and ends, knickknacks, and natural objects that can be transformed into wreaths for every room and every occasion. Packed with more than 100 fantastic designs, this inspiring, full-color volume shows you just how far wreath making can go. Transform a collection of fabric scraps into a colorful decoration for a sewing room. Display a seashell collection by gluing it to a straw wreath base, or attach treasured pieces of costume jewelry to one that's ribbon-covered. Use garlic, cloves, hot peppers, and other culinary supplies to form a kitchen accent that is also a source of ingredients. There are harvest wreaths adorned with squash, pinecone wreaths made with forest finds, celebrations of childhood covered with toys, and of course dozens of floral and evergreen delights. Learn how to make a wreath base, attach materials, use a glue gun, and even make a foolproof bow. Find out how to dry and preserve flowers, herbs, and greenery, how to clean and care for your projects, and learn the traditional meanings of common plants and flowers so that you can create a wreath that sends a message. Filled with glorious full-color photographs, this vibrant collection of projects and ideas will delight your eyes and spark your imagination as you discover and enjoy the fascinating and creative art of wreath making.