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The World's Greatest Athlete by Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso (1973)



Mass Market Paperback in Very Good condition. Small cut on front cover, otherwise clean and straight. Stock photo, actual book is in better condition. 

All the Merrivale teams have done is lose...and lose...and lose. Coach Sam Archer and his assistant, Milo Jackson, try desperately to think of something - anything - they can do to bring back the sweet smell of victory. Then one day, in Africa, they see Nanu, a boy of the jungle, race against a cheetah...and win. They are ecstatic. The answer to all their prayers!

Back at Merrivale Nanu proves to be everything they prayed for - no one can surpass the new records he sets. Until the day the witch doctor who is Nanu's guardian shows up. Gazenga is plenty mad at the two coaches fortaking Nanu away from home and friends. And when Gazenga is mad, look out! Poor Archer, poor Milo, and poor, poor Nanu. What happens to them shouldn't happen to a dog!