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The Victorian Flower Garden by Jennifer Davies (1992)



Extremely rare Hardcover with Dust Jacket in Very Good condition. Minor signs of wear. Part of a collection form an esteemed Naturalist. Has been stored well and properly taken care of. 

First American Edition.

Published to coincide with a BBC2 series starting in October 1991, this is a successor to the author's "The Victorian Kitchen Garden" and "The Victorian Kitchen". It tells the stories behind flowers which Victorians grew and loved, and with the help of retired head gardener Harry Dodson explains how simple and exotic flowers were cultivated and used. At country mansions it was the head gardener's task to supply the lady of the house with the flowers she required for gown, bouquet and hair ornament. He also had to decorate with flowers the dinner table, mansion rooms and, in many cases, a large conservatory, and to provide traditional flowers for family weddings and funerals.