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The Real Question Adrian Fogelin



FIRST EDITION. Softcover in Good Condition

When Fisher tries to escape from the responsibilities of his overachieving life, he gains a new understanding of the dangers of neglecting his connections and commitments to others.
For Fisher Brown, bearing responsibility for the well-being and happiness of the people around him is a heavy burden. Not long after his mother's sudden departure, Fisher lost interest in school. But now--under the strict supervision of his high school counselor father--he is jockeying for position at the top of his high school class. It's a challenging role, but as long as Fisher single-mindedly prepares for college and practices for the SATs, he can keep his father happy.
When Fisher meets Lonnie Traynor, whose rootless, carefree existence is so markedly different from his own, he is drawn to his take-life-as-it-comes attitude. But Lonnie's footloose ways come with a long history of letting down the people he loves. As Fisher becomes an unwitting participant in Lonnie's hapless adventures, he begins to rethink what it means to be responsible for other people.
Award-winning author Adrian Fogelin once again offers readers an emotionally charged story featuring a sympathetic adolescent trying to make sense of the people and world around him.