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The Power of Self-Esteem: An Inspiring Look at Our Most Important Psychological Resource Nathaniel Branden



Softcover in Good Condition

Though most us come from dysfunctional families, this world-famous psychologist stresses that it is still possible to develop positive self-esteem.

Self-esteem plays a powerful role in the key choices and decisions that shape our lives. But how can we tell whether the power of self-esteem is working for us?

Read this concise book to discover:


The more than 20 characteristics that indicate positive self-regard
The 12 obstacles to the growth of self-esteem
The 6 self-empowerment principles
How your positive self-esteem makes a powerful difference in our changing world

If you wish to know what self-esteem depends on, how to nurture it in our children, support it in our schools, encourage it in organizations, strengthen it in psychotherapy or develop it in yourself, you need this book. Its clear message of hope is sure to be appreciated by everyone working on themselves or helping others.