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The New Mexico Trilogy #3 The Nirvana Blues John Nichols



Softcover in Good Condition

The seventies are over. All across America, the overgrown kids of the middle class are getting their acts together -- and getting older. The once-tight Chicano community of Chamisaville is long gone, and the Anglo power-brokers control almost everything. Joe Miniver - faithful husband, loving father, and all-around good guy - is about to sink roots. To buy the land he wants, he embarks on a coke scam and ends up in erotic adventures with three headstrong women . . .

"A work of genius... hilarious... it will be a .scandal if this book is not declared the year's best novel. In any event, you won't find one that's more fun"

"Transcendentally profound, also achingly funny... like a wonderful poem, or a great restaurant."
--Los Angeles Times Book Review

"John Nichols has all of Steinbeck's gifts, the same overwhelming compassion for people, plus an even finer sense of humor, and the need to celebrate the cause and dignity of man... he has left us with a classic American trilogy for our time."
--Chicago Tribune