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The Natural Pharmacist : Your Complete Guide to Menopause by Joanne Snow


Paperback in Good (G) condition. Small brown spot on cover, otherwise like new. 

Discover Nature's Treatment for Menopause
Every woman experiences menopause differently. But did you know that there are natural remedies that may significantly reduce menopause-related symptoms and help protect against the associated risks of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis?
Inside you'll learn how black cohosh may reduce menopausal symptoms, which natural treatments may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, how kava may help menopause-related anxiety, the pros and cons of other natural treatments for menopause, and much more!
Includes up-to-date information on menopause and:
·Black Cohosh
·Vitamin D
·Vitamin E
·B Vitamins
·St. John's Wort
·Red Clover
·And conventional medical treatments
It's all here in simple, straightforward language. You'll find yourself turning to this helpful, trusted companion again and again.