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The Longman Anthology of World Literature, Volume F: The Twentieth Century by Djelal Kadir



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Clean and straight.

The Longman Anthology of World Literature, Volume F offers a fresh and highly teachable presentation of the varieties of world literature from the 20th century. The editors of the anthology have sought to find economical ways to place texts within their cultural contexts, and have selected and grouped our materials in ways intended to foster connections and conversations across the anthology, between eras as well as regions. The anthology includes epic, lyric poetry, drama, and prose narrative, with many works in their entirety. Classic major authors are presented together with more recently recovered voices as the editors seek to suggest something of the full literary dialogue of each region and period. Engaging introductions, scholarly annotations, regional maps, pronunciation guides, and illustrations provide a supportive editorial setting. An accompanying Instructor's Manual written by the editors offers practical suggestions for the classroom.