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The Four Year Career® for Women: Put Your Future in Your Own Hands or Not... by Kimmy Brooke (2016)



Paperback in Fine condition. Looks new. 

The Four Year Career for Women is for any woman adventurous enough to open it up and begin the journey to a richer, more fulfilling, more purpose-driven life. Written by Kimmy Brooke, who went from struggling single mom to true financial freedom, this quick, fun read will allow you to explore your life in a self-narrative, journaling type of way. You will uncover new ideas, answer questions, and better understand the concept of this model called Network Marketing. It will lead you to answer one simple question: Is this for me?

This is the “for women” version of the bestselling Network Marketing book The Four Year Career® by Richard Bliss Brooke, Kimmy’s partner in love, marriage and business.