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The Complete Idiot's Guide to 20-Minute Meals by Tod Dimmink, Tod Dimmink



Softcover in Good Condition

-- A focus on great meals in 20 minutes or less A better time-promise than the competition

-- Clear, easy and functional line-art shows technique and equipment -- not cartoony.

Families today have less time than ever to sit down and enjoy a meal together And who has time to cook? Making the most of precious minutes in the kitchen has lead to one of the biggest trends in home cooking - the quick and easy meal. Filled with delicious recipes that the family - including the kids- will love. The Complete Idiot's Guide "RM" to 20-Minute Meals gives you a variety of recipes that look much more difficult and time consuming than they are. Recipes focus on timesaving meals - such as using prepared sauces as a base for your dish, adding prepared components to your meal and shortcutting time intensive techniques. Create terrific appetizers; soups, salads, meat dishes, pasta, seafood, kid favorites, vegetables, breads, sweets and more in under 20-minutes per recipe. Complete with time saving techniques and ingredients, Chef Dimmick also includes menus for feasts such as Easter, Thanksgiving, July 4th, brunch and dinner for the boss