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The Complete Guide to Health and Nutrition by Gary Null, Martin Feldman (Illustrator)



Softcover in Good Condition

The ultimate sourcebook from America's leading alternative health expert.

Yes, you can feel better, look better, and extend the best years of your life through proper nutrition and exercise. And there is no better guide to optimum health than this classic reference and sourcebook.

Compiled by Gary Null, Ph.D., America's leading health and fitness expert, a TV regular and host of his own nationally syndicated radio program, this invaluable resource offers a comprehensive overview of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals with the facts about their role in maintaining and restoring health.

Learn what's in the food you eat and what it can do for--and to--you. Discover the pros and cons of supplements, which to take, how to take them and safe and effective dosages for each. Find out:

The best way to lower high blood pressure and lose weight
How to know if you're getting enough--or too much--protein
The role of sugar in cardiovascular disease
The best foods--and supplements--to meet changing nutritional needs
Why exercise is more important than diet for weight control, and which  exercise is best of all
The vitamin that slows down the aging process
Why you may be inviting heart disease when you eliminate all cholesterol-containing foods from your diet

Gary Null cuts through the myths and hype and presents the facts: everything you need to know about living well every day of your life.