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The Baby Contract by Lynn Erickson



Mass Market Paperback in Good (G) condition. 

Pregnant. Broke. Alone.

Late one night, Bettie Gay Bryson finds herself sitting in a police station in Tucson, Arizona. Her cowardly ex-boyfriend held up a store and took off, leaving her there to face the law. Leaving her with only the clothes on her back — and the baby growing inside her.

Greg Tyrrell, hard-driving investigator for the county attorney, offers her a deal. No prosecution, plus her living expenses paid — if she'll act as bait in his plan to snare the ruthless head of a baby-selling ring. What choice does she have? B.G. agrees.

This decision marks the beginning of her new life, especially when she starts to fall in love with Greg Tyrrell — the man who leads B.G. and her baby into danger...and out of it.