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The Amazing Page: 650 New Scrapbook Page Ideas, Tips And Techniques by Memory Makers



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. 

Truly amazing scrapbook pages and sketches "The Amazing Page" offers readers top-notch scrapbook pages - under a wide umbrella of popular, tried-and-true themes - including family, homes, falling in love, babies, toddlers, kids, teens, husbands, travel, sports and much more. This book offers a wealth of page ideas for any scrapbooker, beginner to advanced, plus a CD-Rom with 75 of the best page layout sketches based on the pages in the book. This book offers: A fabulous selection of never-before-seen scrapbook pages covering a wide variety of themes and styles that will spark reader's imaginationsHelpful tips and tricks from contributors plus sidebars and tip boxes to offer additional information on design, concept, photography, color and techniqueCD-Rom of 75 printable page layout sketches to take all the guesswork out of designing great pages fastA colossal gallery of never-before-published, contemporary artwork from our reading audience, "The Amazing Page" is sure to inspire any scrapbooker seeking to capture precious memories and everyday moments in their scrapbooks.