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The Adventures of Kermit the Newf: Book One: Dog Tales by Molly Tischler



Large hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. 

Book is about a real life dog, a Newfoundland, that is a service dog and is a local celebrity.

Kermit's favorite place to go is thelibrary so thechildren can readto him. But not every kid thereis so sure about readingto a big, black and whitedog. Will Kermit ever winover the shyestkid in thelibrary?

The books of The Adventures of Kermit the Newf are inspired by actual events in the life of a charming, hardworking Newfoundland dog.

From his devotion to his service work for his disabled owner, to his compassionate and gentle therapy work with young children, and his showmanship and sense of humor in his acting and modeling career, he has won the hearts of all those with whom he has come in contact.