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The 5 Love Languages Military Edition: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman, Jocelyn Green



Softcover in Good Condition

Advice for military couples

“As soon as I arrived in Afghanistan, I began reading The 5 Love Languages®. I had never read anything so simple yet so profound.” — Anonymous soldier

If you are in a military relationship, you know the strain of long deployments, lonely nights, and difficult transitions. For extraordinary challenges like these, couples need specific advice.

In this updated edition of The 5 Love Languages®:Military Edition, relationship expert Dr. Gary Chapman teams up with Jocelyn Green, a former military wife, to speak directly to military couples. They share the simple secret to loving each other best, including advice for how to:

Build intimacy over long distances
Reintegrate after deployment
Unlearn harsh military-style communication
Rebuild and maintain emotional love
Help your spouse heal from trauma
and more