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That Unforgettable Golf Cart!: Adventures That Will Keep You Laughing 'Til the End! by Elizabeth Beulla



Softcover in Good Condition

Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth loves golf carts. After she visits her aunt in Florida and test drives one, she decides to save her money to buy her own cart.

Even though Elizabeth has cerebral palsy, she has always been taught that she can achieve most anything. For a year after that first test drive, she dreams of finding freedom behind the wheel of a golf cart. After she finally saves enough to purchase one and adorns it with a Tweety Bird decal, Elizabeth embarks on adventurous journeys around her neighborhood that include exciting escapades like hitting a big oak tree in her friend's front yard, becoming stranded on a curb in front of an ice cream shop, and knocking a mailbox post over. Three years later, it is time for Elizabeth to try for a real driver's license. Will she learn from her escapades behind the wheel of the golf cart?

In this humorous story, a teenager purchases a golf cart and sets out on adventurous journeys around her neighborhood.