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Texas Vampires #3 Bond of Darkness Diane Whiteside

Condition Details: FIRST EDITION. Softcover in Good Condition



National bestselling author Diane Whiteside delivers the third and final novel in her acclaimed Texas Vampires trilogy.

Texas Ranger Stephanie “Steve” Reynolds knows all about vampires, since she has a demon lover of her own. For the past several years, Ethan Templeton has been helping her on cases when he wasn’t sharing her bed. But Steve, craving mortal motherhood, refused to get serious about the handsome vampire. Especially after she saw him kill a man she’d just arrested…
Ethan loves Steve, but he thinks nothing can come of their passion. Even if he could convince her to share his immortal life, his vampire patron, Don Rafael Perez, would execute him for transforming her.
But when the killer menaces Steve, Ethan realizes he has no choice except to risk everything. Will Steve agree to join a man she’s called murderer—or will she refuse her one chance at eternal life, lust, and love?