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Tales of the Unexpected by Roald Dahl (Richardson Branson Literati Book Club Edition)

Condition Details: Very Good, unread condition, a few small cosmetic dings, otherwise Fine.



Hardcover in Very Good condition. A few small dings, but unread, and still crisp. This is from the Literati Book Club, curated by Richard Branson, and includes a printed note from Richard Branson explaining this pick. Hard to find edition, only available to members. 

A wine connoisseur with an infallible palate and a sinister taste in wagers. A decrepit old man with a masterpiece tattooed on his back. A voracious adventuress, a gentle cuckold, and a garden sculpture that becomes an instrument of sadistic vengeance. Social climbers who climb a bit too quickly. Philanderers whose deceptions are a trifle too ornate. Impeccable servants whose bland masks slip for one vertiginous instant.

In these deliciously nasty stories an internationally acclaimed practitioner of the short narrative works his own brand of black magic: tantalizing, amusing, and sometimes terrifying readers into a new sense of what lurks beneath the ordinary. Included in Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected are such notorious gems of the bizarre as "The Sound Machine," "Lamb to Slaughter," "Neck," and "The Landlady."