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Tails from the Ark by Lady Roberta Simpson (2011)



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. 

Successful children's author, Lady Roberta Simpson, has written her next book in her series of Nana's Bible Stories. This beautifully illustrated book focuses on telling the story of Noah's Ark from the perspective of the animals. As with her other books, not only does Roberta tell the Bible story in a lively and educational way, but she weaves Biblically themed stories within the main story, allowing the reader to see the original story in a new light and with greater understanding. In Tails From the Ark, Roberta uses each of the seven chapters to illustrate the Fruits of the Spirit. Each chapter tells a tale of a different element of the story of Noah and life on the Ark, while subtly educating the child and their parent on the different Fruits of the Spirit.