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Sunshine and Shadow (Benni Harper #10) by Earlene Fowler



Softcover in Good Condition

One of Benni's favorite mystery writers, Emma Baldwin, is coming to San Celina. Her purpose: to reconnect with the town she left years before. Benni is thrilled when Emma agrees to display at the folk art museum a crazy quilt that inspired Emma's first book. It's an exciting time for Benni - and it also stirs up some bittersweet memories of her first husband.

Her current husband, Gabe, also has a friend in town: Luke, an old LAPD buddy, now a private investigator, who's here on a mysterious assignment. But when he's found murdered soon after his arrival, Benni's visit with her mystery writer is overshadowed by a real-life mystery. And when she starts receiving strange phone calls and anonymous letters telling her she'll be the next victim, her interested in the case becomes even more urgent.

Meanwhile, Benni's grandmother is having problems of her own. Her recent vow of 'til death do us part might be replaced with 'til divorce do us part...unless Benni can quickly talk some sense into her. It's safe to say Benni Harper's life is pretty chaotic right now. And it's a lot more shadow than sunshine.