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Stories for the Homeschool Heart Patti Armstrong, Theresa Thomas



Softcover in Good Condition

Stories for the Homeschool Heart will wrap you warmly in a blanket of faith, love and inspiration. Through these stories of trials and triumphs, you will be lifted closer to heaven and feel a unity with families from across the country who have taken seriously the awesome privilege of teaching their children. At times you will be amazed, moved to tears and laugh, but most of all you will come away recommitted to following God s call to you as a parent to lead your children to Him. In this book you will: - Read how Rachel experienced healing and hope after abuse and an abortion - Share the joy of a military family who brought home two precious sons from Russia - Read how Mary s family struggled to discern God s will and went happily from riches to rags - Travel with a couple who struggles with birth control and being open to life - Laugh when you see how a wayward duckling led the way for Patti and her family - See how Luke chased butterflies all the way to Guatemala and what the ramifications were - Discover how a little hamster helped save his young owner - Learn how God led Theresa through the experience of cancer, with renewed hope and a new baby Contributors include: Elizabeth Foss, Dr. Ray Guarendi, Mary Kochan of Catholic Exchange, Nancy Carpentier Brown, podcaster for the American Chesteron Society, Rachel Watkins creator of the Little Flower s Girls Club and many, many more. Stories for the Homeschool Heart is the perfect gift for parents teaching their children to live for God and reach for eternity. It is an instant pick-me-up wherever they may be on the journey that we all walk together.Patti Armstrong and Theresa Thomas have put together an uplifting gem for homeschoolers or any dad or mom who wants to parent with wisdom and wit. Whether you are discerning becoming a homeschooling family or have already been there and done that, Stories for the Homeschool Heart will inspire about the wonderful world of homeschooling. Through the real-life struggles, joys, and the life-changing lessons in the book, you will come away renewed in your commitment as your children's primary teacher, even if you don't teach full time in the home. - Matthew Pinto, Author, Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons?; Stories for the Homeschool Heart is a beautiful sharing of life experiences and lessons learned. Through personal stories, it provides encouragement to all parents as we make the journey together, helping each other to lead our children to God. Through humor, love, trials and triumph, this book will touch your heart and lift you up. - Jeff Cavins, Author of The Great Adventure Bible Study and Emily Cavins, Author of the Great Adventure Bible Study for Kids