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Small Animal Surgical Nursing by Diane L. Tracy


Softcover in Very Good (VG) condition. Clean and straight. Minor wear.

SMALL ANIMAL SURGICAL NURSING, 3rd edition, is a straightforward presentation of practical information that the veterinary technician must know in order to assist during surgeries of cats and dogs. Specifically, the book covers the principles and practice of asepsis; the most efficient layout and working of the surgical area; the principles of surgery, particularly those related to wound healing; and the surgical procedures that are most commonly employed by the veterinary technician during small animal surgery and surgical emergencies.Coverage is complete and pertinent to what students need to know.Written at a level of detail appropriate for the veterinary technician surgical nursing course.Much content is presented in bulleted or numbered lists to show the sequence of procedures, which keeps the content manageable and easy to read.Generous illustration programshows procedures and equipment.Explains the principles of asepsis and surgery so that the veterinary technician understands why certain procedures are performed.Provides well-written Performance Objectives at the beginning of each chapter and Key Points and Review Questions at the end of each chapter to focus and reinforce learning.Content thoroughly revised and updated to reflect current practices and developments in drugs, equipment and procedures. Many outdated illustrations have been replaced.Owner education content is highlighted with an icon for easy identification.