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SIGNED Why is Everyone So Cranky?: The Ten Trends Complicating Our Lives and What We Can Do About Them by C. Leslie Charles


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Hardcover in Fine (FN) condition. 

First Edition signed by the author!

Now available in paperback -- "If you have a life full of hurry or worry, this book is for you! Why Is Everyone So Cranky will liberate you while it entertains and informs you." --Mary LoVerde, author of Stop Screaming at the Microwave With unprovoked violence and angry outbursts on our roadways, airways, sports fields, stores, and other venues, we're witnessing the rise of contentiousness in our culture. Despite the booming economy, crankiness has infiltrated our homes, workplaces, and society. From USA Today to the Washington PostNewark Star-LedgerLA Times, and more, Leslie Charles has received critical acclaim for her intriguing explanation of why rage has become all the rage in our culture. You've noticed the symptoms of the Anger Epidemic: have you been infected by it? This book outlines the 10 social trends complicating our lives, corrupting our relationships and workplaces, and how to constructively address these issues.