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SIGNED! Love and Other B-Sides by Lisa Peers (2016)



Paperback in Fine (FN) condition. Looks new. Signed by author!

Stee Walsh is the seventh most successful American rock musician still performing today. Toting a gut, a sobriety chip and a crushing case of writer's block, he's long overdue to deliver the album that will crown his musical legacy. He decides to search for inspiration in Virginia and, while sorting out some painful family business, trips over Connie Rafferty, a newly minted fan of his music. Connie is restless in Richmond, raising a teenager while processing her anger over her philandering husband's death. When Stee hires her to direct a music video she jumps into the project, unaware that she'll be expected to manage all the problems in his personal life as well. Their unanticipated romance puts Stee back on the path to rock and roll glory, but when the album's done and the music stops, will Connie stay stuck on Stee? Warm, funny and smartly written, Love and Other B-Sides is a story about a rock star reconciling the pain of his past with the promise of his future, using music to show the way.