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SIGNED: Forget about Tomorrow by Liz Kreger (2008)



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Signed by author. 

On the run from an intergalactic mob boss, she kidnaps the earthling security expert who helped her. Her plan? Make him forget about tomorrow. A Part of Tomorrow book 1. Larissalyia Ashanti, is hiding out on Earth, a barbarian planet unsanctified by the FOWFederation of Worldsand on the run from an intergalactic mob boss who plans to use her as leverage to force her magistrate father to clear his criminal record. Mac, an earthman, witnesses the evidence of aliens when the mob catches up with Lacey. After he helps her fight them off, she does the only thing she can think ofshe kidnaps him and takes him with her as she flees Earth. Mac learns the answer to that age old question of whether theres life out therein spades. But not only does he have to convince Lacey that his numerous skills are indispensable, he has to find a way into her heart. The chase is just beginningand so are the romance, adventure and danger as they cross the universe in search of safety and answers. Warning, this title contains the following: sensual love scenes, some graphic language.