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She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head! by Kathryn Lasky (Story of the Audobon Society)

Condition Details: Paperback in Good condition. Light edge wear. Pages clean and straight.



Feathers on ladies' hats were becomming more and more popular. Harriet Hemenway and her cousin Minna Hall believed something had to be done. Fashion was killing birds as well as women's chances to have the right to vote and be listened to. For who would listen to a woman with a dead bird on her head? And if the senseless slaughter for a silly fashion was not stopped, in a few years the birds with the prettiest feathers would all be dead, gone forever, extinct."Why not form a bird club?" suggested Harriet.

"What a wonderful idea, " said Minna. "Let's do it. Let's start a club for the birds!"