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Shameless Jennifer Blake



Hardcover in DJ in Good Condition

Amidst torrid gossip and whispered suspicions, Reid Sayers has returned to his small hometown in rural Louisiana ... back to the home of his ancestors ... to a family blood feud begun a hundred years before ... and to his own private war with Camilla Greenley.

But Camilla is fighting battles of her own, with a soon-to-be ex-husband determined to thwart her divorce plans. He has discovered that Camilla may be the sole beneficiary of the local mill --- worth millions if its operating owner, Reid Sayers, sells out to an eager conglomerate. But there is danger in the air. Someone is threatening Camilla, and Reid steps into the line of fire.

Camilla is unprepared for the warrior in Reid, untamed and dangerous, that both tempts and defies her. Camilla doesn't trust Reid --- there are too many things unexplained --- yet her body can't fight the unbridled attraction that lies between them.

By day, their battle is nothing short of open war --- Camilla vows to stop the sale that could play havoc with the environment and rallies the town behind her. But at night, their love is a passionate combat, a fury of competitive ecstasy. It is an entanglement from which there is no surrender, and no defeat. And when murder enters the picture, the fragile trust so tentatively built between them is put to its most daring test.