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Seven Days to Petrograd by Tom Hyman (1988)



Hardcover with DJ in Very Good (VG) condition. Book is clean and straight, DJ has some light scuffing and a bit dull. 


March 1917: After three years of grim bloodletting, and facing the threat of America’s entry into the Great War, Germany is on the brink of defeat. Knowing that Russia’s withdrawal from the conflict is its only hope, Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmermann concocts a desperate scheme to knock Russia out of the conflict. He arranges to finance the secret journey of a charismatic Bolshevik, Vladimir Lenin, from exile in Zurich to revolution in Petrograd.

Lenin’s “sealed train” passage through Germany to Petrograd’s Finland Station is well-known history, as is the fact that Lenin did indeed take Russia out of the war. The record shows, however, that the Allies knew of the German plot, and in this suspenseful thriller Tom Hyman imagines an entirely plausible effort to stop the German plan.

Harry Bauer, a disaffected American intelligence agent, is persuaded by Winston Churchill to take on a secret mission for the Allies: Kill Lenin before he gets to Petrograd. As Lenin speeds across war-ravaged Germany toward his destiny, the ever-resourceful Bauer finds himself struggling to survive in a rapidly tightening web of intrigue and danger. Hiding behind a false identity amid Lenin’s followers, he becomes ensnared by the charms of the seductive revolutionary, Inessa Armand, and caught up in a perilous cat-and-mouse game with a determined German officer and Lenin’s brutal Russian bodyguard.

Events culminate on a wild and historic night in Petrograd, where Harry Bauer gets his final opportunity to alter the path of world history.

Set against an epic background of war and revolution, Seven Days to Petrograd is a critically acclaimed thriller about what might have been…