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Scroll Saw Police & Rescue Patterns: 89 Basic Designs for Creating Commemorative Plaques (Design Originals) Create Personalized Designs with Easy Mix-and-Match for Police, EMS, Fire Department, & More Mike & Vicky Lewis

Condition Details: Softcover in Good Condition



Show them you care with a personalized plaque! Police officers, fire crews, and ambulance teams all play an important role in our society. Now you can show these men and women how much their services are appreciated by creating a hand-made, personalized plaque just for them! Scroll Saw Police & Rescue Patterns contains endless mix-and-match combinations for a wide variety of personalized plaques. Start with a central shield pattern for police, fire, or EMS, then add a name or division on the outside ring. An alphabet wheel and additional patterns for each of the 50 states allow you to make literally hundreds of different plaques. Each pattern is drawn in crisp, black lines to make scrolling easy. When your pattern is complete, simply transfer it to the wood of your choice and cut it out! Basic cutting instructions help you choose wood and show you how to use spacers to give your finished plaque a three-dimensional look. Authors Mike and Vicky Lewis are the authors of Scroll Saw Military Designs and are regular contributors to Scroll Saw Workshop magazine.