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Sam Blackman #3 The Sandburg Connection Mark de Castrique



Softcover in Good Condition

Deadly Verses

It should have been a simple assignment for PI Sam Blackman and his partner, Nakayla Robertson: follow a history professor who’s suing a spinal surgeon for malpractice, and find proof that she’s not really injured.

When professor Janice Wainwright visits the home of poet Carl Sandburg and climbs to the top of Glassy Mountain, Sam believes he has the evidence he needs—until he finds the woman semiconscious and bleeding on the mountain’s granite outcropping. Her final words: “It’s the Sandburg verses.”

As the person to discover the dying woman, Sam becomes the first suspect. Then an autopsy reveals painkillers in her blood and proof of the surgeon’s errors. Why did this suffering woman attempt to climb the mountain? Did she stumble and fall? Or did someone cause her death?

A break-in at the professor’s farmhouse and the theft of Sandburg’s volumes convince Sam someone is seeking potentially deadly information. But what did Sandburg have in his literary collection that could inspire multiple murders? And who will be targeted next?