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ROMANCE TREASURY The Rocks of Arachenza & Love and Lucy Brown & Master of Saramanca Ashton, Elizabeth; Dingwell, Joyce & Wibberley, Mary



Hardcover in Good Condition

The Rocks of Arachenza by Elizabeth Ashton
Sardinia -- and from the first he made it clear that he disapproved of her way of life. How dared he presume to judge her? Lorena had never met such an exasperating, arrogant male. Yet why did it seem so important to her to gain his approval? Perhaps his opinion counted for something after all?

Love and Lucy Brown by Joyce Dingwell
Lucy Brown was delighted when a kindly lady arranged a job for her in a hospital-cum-children's home in Australia, and could hardly wait to get to Sydney and start her fascinating new job. But she arrived to find herself rather less than welcome to the doctor in charge, Tavis Walsh -- and still less to the glamorous Sister Ursula!

Master of Saramanca by Mary Wibberley
Jane traveled to the island of Saramanca to meet the father she had never known. But Gavin Grant suspected her motives for coming and made his disapproval plain.. "He's arrogant and overbearing, and I don't think I've ever disliked anyone quite so much," stormed Jane. Yet .