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Rekindled Barbara Delinsky

Condition Details: Softcover in Good Condition



Barbara Delinsky has enthralled millions of readers with her gripping,emotional, unforgettable fiction. In Rekindled, this New York Times bestselling author gives us two of her favorite early novels: Flip Side of Yesterday, in which a small romantic spark once briefly ignited is fanned a decade later into a roaring blaze; and Lilac Awakening, the poignant story of two lonely strangers whose relationship is renewed, strengthened, and surprisingly altered over the course of repeated visits to a secluded Vermont cabin.

For the fans who have long cherished this author's passion and theendearing, richly human characters that have become her hallmark -- and for a new generation of readers who have yet to be touched by Barbara Delinsky's unique brand of literary magic -- here are stories that will wrap themselves around your heart and never let go.

Flip Side of Yesterday
When Chloe MacDaniel is called in as geological consultant on the Rye Beach Complex, she assumes she'll have no trouble winning over the town's residents to the ecological point of view -- they already distrust the project deeply. She's prepared for a little professional rivalry from the developers, the Hanson Corporation, but what she isn't prepared for is Ross Stephenson: president of the firm, but more importantly, the man who swept Chloe off her feet over a decade previously . . .

Lilac Awakening
She was a widow, too young and beautiful to be alone. But Anne Boulton was determined to spend a week in the isolated Vermont cabin. As a storm raged without and a snug fire burned within, it was perfect -- until he burst into her life.

In less than a week Mitch had commandeered the cabin, igniting the passions Anne had tried so hard to forget. And, like a fool, she agreed to his outrageous plan: They'd meet for vacations only--no last names, no strings attached. But, hungry for happiness. Anne craved more. Who was he, this maddening stranger? And what were the secrets he tried so desperately to conceal?