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Real-Life Monsters Vol. 6 by Walt Disney (1983)



Vintage hardcover in Good (G) condition. Child's signature on "this book belongs to..." Light bumping on corners. Pages clean and straight. 

From Walt Disney's Fun-To-Learn Library, it's volume six, REAL-LIFE MONSTERS. Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto tell the reader that the "monsters" seen in movies do not exist, but the name monster and dragon have been given to real-life monsters that seem scary. Mickey and Goofy discuss these real-life monsters and show pictures of them. They visit a museum to learn about dinosaurs. Though all of the large, dangerous dinosaurs are now extinct, such animals were sure scary, with their dagger-like teeth ad claws. Lizards and turtles of today are descendants of these dinosaurs. Some lizards are very small, but some are big and frightening, like the Komodo dragon. Mickey and Goofy go on to discuss other animals of today which descended from dinosaurs. This idea, alone, is enough to be scary to some children, as might be the picture of one dinosaur eating another. Most of the pictures, however, are typical of those seen in a Disney book, however, and are not scary at all.