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Railhead #2 Black Light Express Philip Reeve

Condition Details: Hardcover in DJ in Good Condition. Ex library copy, will have the markings and stickers associated from the library.



Zen Starling and Nova the android girl have traveled between worlds before. They come from the Great Network, a web of twisting routes, K-gates, and sentient trains that allows instant passage through the galaxy. But this time is different—they’re hurtling into the unknown through a gate that shouldn’t exist, knowing they can never go back.

Now the Network is on the brink of chaos. When rebellion erupts along the rails, young Empress Threnody Noon has only one reluctant ally: Chandni Hansa, recently thawed from the prison freezers. Where can they run when even the Network gods have turned against them?

And meanwhile the mysterious Black Light Zone calls them all with the promise of home. But as their lines intersect amid trainsong and engine roar, battle cries and gunfire, they’ll find some worlds are best left unexplored. For who knows what terrible secrets lie hidden in the deepest, blackest depths of space…